Conditions Treated

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We have  years of experience in helping countless individuals regain their lives by providing professional care to remedy the following conditions:


We have seen and helped many that suffer from migraines. We understand how debilitating this common, yet grossly under-appreciated, condition can be. Our treatment and care of those that suffer from migraines is one of the primary goals of our team.



Whether you've seen other professionals or this is your first step toward healing, you've come to the right place. While the symptoms for fibromyalgia and chronic pain may be similar, no one person can be cared for the same way. So rather than let the diagnosis determine the care, we look at the person and care for them. 



Thyroid conditions affect an estimated 27 million people a year - a large majority being women. And while the number of diagnosed cases are many, the remedies are often frustratingly elusive. Until now. We will help you regain your health even after other attempts have failed.


Like dental check-ups to a healthy smile, regular check-ups and care of your nervous system and brain is to a healthy, normally functioning body. Let us help you maintain your high-functioning, active and healthy life.

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While we have experienced incredible results dealing with the above, there are a number of other conditions we have helped treat that have allowed our patients' bodies to function and heal naturally. And while the following conditions may be more common, we bring the same passion and care in treating you, your brain and your body. These conditions include:

Neck and Back Pain